12305-67 Street Edmonton, AB

T: 780-483-4788



Truck: 2003 Chevy 2500

Scope of Work: Twin Turbos, Motor, Tranny, Water Pump, Exhaust, Roll Cage

Synopsis: Nolan came to us with a request for a 9 second truck. Being speed junkies, we smiled and got right on building a truck for Nolan that would compete well in the NHRDA circuit.

We got started by gutting the motor and replacing it with a 7.1L SoCal Stroker Motor complete with Stage 2 heads and ARP Studs. To feed this motor we put in 100% over injectors with Twin CP3 pumps and a set of hand built custom race twin turbos. To keep things cool we added our spec Lloyd Customs electric water pump it with electric fans. A BD Intercooler, Pro-Fab Manifolds and up-pipes plus a custom single stack exhaust system helps with air flow. Because Nolan wanted to play in the 9s, we had his truck outfitted with a regulation 9-second spec’d roll cage. To keep the power firmly planted on the asphalt, we mated a Duraflight 48RE transmission to his motor. Once completed, this monster began laying down over 1200 RWHP.