12305-67 Street Edmonton, AB

T: 780-483-4788



Vehicle: 2007 Ford F-350

Scope of Work: Air Suspension, Dual Exhaust, Intake, Turbo, EGR Delete, Studs

Synopsis: Justin didn’t want to have an ordinary Ford Powerstroke when he first purchased his ride. The end goal was to customize this family hauler enough to make it unique and stand out from the crowd. What ended up was a pickup truck on steroids.

Justin wanted an air bag suspension system like no-other to help tow his toys. He opted for a 4-point custom system with a Voltair Custom Compressor that will lift and lower the vehicle at all tires. Add in 22” Jesse James rims with Toyo Proxy tires, a custom red pearl flake paint job with airbrushed hood, a custom dual exhaust system, AFE intake, Hybrid Turbo System, EGR Delete, ARP Studs AND a custom SCT Tune – the end result is a family mover putting down 500 RWHP.


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